Are you on the hunt for the ultimate diving experience? Look no further than the Galapagos Islands. Nestled in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, this Ecuadorian archipelago is a paradise for divers. And the crown jewel of this experience is undoubtedly diving at Gordon Rocks, famous for its abundant marine life and stunning underwater geology.

From your comfortable accommodations at Blu Galapagos Lodge, situated in Puerto Ayora, you’re perfectly positioned to partake in this exhilarating sport. In collaboration with Shark Bay Diving Center, we ensure a safe and enriching diving experience.

Your adventure begins with a peaceful taxi ride from Puerto Ayora to the Itabaca Channel. This is where you’ll board the boat that will transport you to Gordon Rocks, one of the most iconic diving spots in the archipelago.

Prepare yourself for a thrilling diving adventure where you’ll plunge into the ocean’s depths for two immersions. Although diving at Gordon Rocks can be challenging due to the strong currents and the depth of the water, rest assured that the experienced instructors at Shark Bay Diving Center will be with you every step of the way. They’ll even help you put on your boots and wetsuit, ensuring you’re comfortable and secure at all times.

During your dives, you’ll have the opportunity to see up close the incredible diversity of marine life that inhabits Gordon Rocks. The stars of the show are undoubtedly the hammerhead sharks, which gather in large groups and swim majestically in the blue depths. You’ll also see elegant rays gliding through the water, and friendly sea turtles exploring their oceanic home. And if you’re lucky, you might even spot the extraordinary ocean sunfish, also known as mola mola, a true treat for any diver.

Finally, after a day filled with adventure, you can return to the comfort of your room at Blu Galapagos Lodge. Here you can rest and relax, while preparing for the next diving adventure that the Galapagos Islands have to offer.

Experience the wonder of diving in the Galapagos and let Blu Galapagos Lodge be your home away from home. Get ready to plunge into an unforgettable adventure at Gordon Rocks!