The Galapagos Islands, known for their stunning landscapes and unparalleled biodiversity, have long been a natural playground for explorers and nature enthusiasts of all ages. But at Blu Lodge , we’re taking the experience to a whole new level with our special kids’ activity – a conservation adventure that not only entertains but educates our young guests about the incredible wildlife that calls the Galapagos home.

Becoming a Blu Explorer

Imagine your child’s excitement as they embark on a unique treasure hunt, where the treasures are not gold or jewels, but the diverse and magnificent creatures of the Galapagos. This activity, designed especially for kids, brings them closer to nature and instills a lifelong love for wildlife conservation.

Upon check-in, each young adventurer receives a personalized checklist featuring some of the Galapagos’ most iconic and fascinating animals. From the famoussea lion to the vibrant darwin finches , we introduce children to the incredible wildlife that resides within and around our hotel.

Learning While Having Fun

But it’s not just about ticking off a list. The checklist also provides valuable information about each animal’s conservation status and the threats they face. This adds depth to the experience, allowing kids to learn about the importance of preserving these incredible species while having fun searching for them.

Fun and Engagement for All Ages

Our conservation adventure isn’t just for kids – it’s an activity that the whole family can enjoy together. It’s a chance for parents, grandparents, and siblings to share in the excitement and to bond over a common love for nature and wildlife.

The adventure doesn’t end when the checklist is complete. Back at the hotel, our young adventurers have the option to share their findings with fellow guests, sparking discussions about conservation and the natural world.

Creating Tomorrow’s Conservationists

At Blu Lodge , we believe in the power of education, and we know that fostering an appreciation for nature at a young age can shape future conservationists. We hope that through this experience, we can inspire the next generation to protect and preserve the unique biodiversity of the Galapagos and other precious ecosystems around the world.

So, the next time you stay at Blu Lodge with your family, be sure to join us in this one-of-a-kind conservation adventure. It’s an unforgettable experience that not only brings you closer to the Galapagos’ incredible wildlife but also instills the importance of protecting it for generations to come. It’s a memory that your child will carry with them and cherish long after they’ve left this enchanting paradise.

Come and explore the Galapagos with us, one adventure at a time, and let’s create a brighter, more sustainable future for these incredible islands and the planet.